Playing with balls VIDEO

Playing basketball

Playing catch

April Highlights

Technically, this picture is from the end of March, but it's adorable...
Silas with his friend Ruby
Ruby and Silas

Silas with Nora
Silas loves his baby sister

Silas with his Great Grandpa Randall
Silas with his Great Grandpa Randall

Silas looking stoic (or sleepy?)
A quiet moment at Grandma Kathi's house

Silas with his tough guy expression

Silas checking out the car
Silas testing out the car

Playing with the train table at the library with Papa
Eric and Silas at the library

His first bath with his sister
Their first bath together...

And, finally, going out for a walk with Momma, Nora, Susie, Ruby and Rose
Out for a walk with Susie, Ruby and Rose

March Highlights - post Nora

So, this blog has been sadly neglected lately. Here are a few pics of Silas from March.

Playing with his good friend Ceci
Mark and Joy and Cecilia came to visit

Playing in the clothes hamper
Silas playing in the clothes hamper

Sitting at the big table for Roving Brunch
Roving Brunch March 21, 2010

Taking Guthrie for a walk
Silas walking Guthrie

Finally, making sure he still fits into this pot.
Cooking Silas

Mad Soccer Skills

After we went running on the South Side (training for the Pittsburgh Marathon), we stopped in the part to play some soccer. While his old pop isn't much of a ball-sport person, Silas is a huge fan.

Running at dusk

We had a nice picnic dinner at Schenley Park yesterday. Well, it's more accurate that Bethany and Robin had a nice picnic dinner. Nora had a nice outdoor nap. Silas and I ran around for most of it. It's crazy to see how much ground he covers now, after the whole winter of being constrained in short-distance mode, either indoors or on snowy city sidewalks.

Walking the dog and giggling

It's been crazy since Nora's birth, but it also feels really good. Our sisters, Angela and Robin, have come and helped us out. It's been great! Today, Robin and Silas played at the park, while Guthrie and I went for a run. Afterward, while Robin was at the grocery store, Silas, Guthrie, and I had some time to kill. We bought the next book for book club (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), then strolled around with Guthrie.

Big Brother

Silas is now a big brother. He seems fond of Nora, his new little sister.

We're totally overwhelmed right now, so this is the extent I've been able to get posts or pictures up. Stay tuned. Nora will get her own blog soon enough, and the fun life we have with Silas will continue to be documented here.

Walking Bloomfield

Oops. This was saved in the drafts folder, but never published...

Silas, Guthrie, and Papa took advantage of the sunny morning and strolled around Bloomfield for an hour. Silas had fun, despite his consternation in this photo:

Sullen in Bloomfield

19 months old

I got a new camera for my birthday and I've been taking A LOT of pictures over the past couple of weeks. I've uploaded about 50 photos onto our flickr site today. Here is a link to the site. Below are a few of my favorites from the batch that I uploaded...

The snow from the big storm has been slow to melt, even though the temperatures have been above freezing. Here is Silas at our local playground. He was so happy to go down the slide.
There's no snow on the slides...

Since I'm on maternity leave, Silas got to have a playdate with Ceci. They both really enjoyed playing in her kitchen.
Playdate with Ceci and Calliope

Calliope is getting so big... here she is sitting in a high chair for the first time.
Calliope sitting in a high chair... for the first time

Silas at the pediatrician's office
Silas checking his own ears

Using his Papa to practice his balance
Papa as a balance beam

Silas helping to serve up brunch at our monthly Roving Brunch.
Roving Brunch - February 28, 2010

Silas, Tim and Calliope celebrating my 38th birthday (February 26, 2010).
Silas, Tim and Calliope

Spirit of the Winter Olympics: Silas' Floor Routine

Silas added some flair to bedroom cleanup day...

Miscellaneous February Photos

Well, having a sprained ankle has some benefits. Eric has been taking a ton of pictures and I've managed to get a bunch of the pictures loaded on to our flickr site. Here are a few nice ones of Silas over the past couple of weeks.

Silas eating raisins

The step made a good seat

Silas in heaven

Look... snow!

Snow!!! February 6, 2010

Pittsburgh received 21 inches of snow over a 24 hour period from Friday night through Saturday night. Silas got decked out in his snow suit and headed out to enjoy it. After the snow fell, the sun came out and we had a beautiful snowed in week. I had the entire week off of work because the storm was so massive (plus 4 more inches of snow on Tuesday). Here are a few pictures from the winter wonderland.

Our street

Silas at Friendship Park

Silas helping Papa shovel

Silas likes to sweep AND shovel

and of course... a Video

Video mania - January 2010

Eric and Silas went to Valparaiso to visit Grandma Kathi January 15th-18th. Around that time, Eric got a bunch of great videos of Silas in action. I've spent some time today (February 22nd) uploading a few of them onto our flickr site, and I thought it might be nice to put a whole video post here on Silas's blog.

Here is Silas playing ball at a rest stop on the way home from Valpo

This next one is at the same rest stop. They had a lot of fun there.

After they got home, it was back to daily life in the winter - not a lot of getting out of the house. Here's Silas helping Eric empty the dishwasher.

Silas has also become quite adept at getting into his own chair when it's time to eat.

And this last video is a thing I find fascinating about our son. He prefers to go to sleep with a sippy cup, and whatever toy he was playing with last. Usually, it's a ball. On this particular morning, he woke up with his canoe paddle. Eric and I have speculated that he brings the toy to bed so he has something to play with right when he gets up. He sure seemed like he was glad to have his paddle on this morning.

Bike Geeks: New Trailer!

Reflector check

Maiden voyage of the bike trailer!

Bike geeks

Geared up for the maiden bike trailer ride

Bike trailer first ride

Building the Bike Trailer

A working man's hands

Today was a warm and sunny day for the winter (up to low 40's F), so Silas and I decided to assemble the bike trailer we got from Grandpa Jack and Grandma Gail. It took some time, but we had some good tunes. Silas is a natural with the tools.

Assembling the new bike trailer

Assembling the new bike trailer

Happy it's almost assembled

Old-time Electronics Store

Barno Electronics in Boston, PA

Silas, Ryder, and I drove out to Boston, PA (about 30 minutes from the house) to check out the only electronics parts shop that we could find in/around Pittsburgh. It was sort of an anachronistic experience, but Silas had a lot of fun.

They didn't have what I wanted, and they wanted too much money for what Ryder wanted, so we didn't end up buying anything. It was a neat experience, but they haven't really kept up with the times so much. I'm sure they're great for some things, but I'm certainly going to call ahead if I ever need anything specific before driving out...

Barno Electronics in Boston, PA

Is it Deep?

Checking out the snow

Checking out how deep the snow is...

Clean teeth


Silas is always happy to brush his teeth.

Reading pod

Portable reading pod

His own portable reading pod.



One of the books we read on a regular basis is Echoes of the Elders: The Stories and Paintings of Chief Lelooska. He loves the paintings of masks at the end, the ravens throughout, Beaverface, and especially, Poogweese. Poogweese is a mythological merman and a messenger for a strong water spirit/god/creature.



Still likes spelunking in the closet

Silas hones his spelunking skills in the closet.

Carnegie Science Center trip

Science Center

We went to the Carnegie Science Center with Becky and Calliope for a few hours to get some exercise and stimulation on a snowy day. Calliope, of course, is a bit young to find it much more than stimulating. However, Silas had a great time in the kid's area. According to the sign, it's supposed to be for children 3-6 years old, but Silas held his own just fine. There were other <3-year olds there as well.

Science Center with Becky and Calliope

Going for Calliope's belly:
Going for Calliope's belly

Science Center

The outcome of drinkin' and plantin' is ears of corn coming out of the ground instead of stalks:
Drinkin' and Gard'nin' at the Science Center

Science Center kid's area overlook